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Everyone is the product of their experiences – I saw Kay deliver an extraordinary talk yesterday that invoked all the emotions in turn. We ran the whole gamut and the audience were very thoughtful afterwards no doubt wondering about their own lives and feeling grateful for them.

Bob, 7th Nov 2017

Kay is an emotive & powerful speaker – she shares her deepest darkest experiences freely with her audience to illustrate her struggles with depression. She now speaks from a place of stillness & realisation of her own self-worth – the “black dog” is in his place and she is at peace with her life. If you get at chance to hear one of her talks then grab it with both hands!

Caroline, 10th Nov 2017

Heard her talk this morning and it was powerful stuff and very emotional. Great story, well delivered covering a ‘taboo’ subject in a very personal way. A talk not to be missed!

Steve 9th, Nov 2017

I was in the audience to see a powerful and emotional talk delivered by Kay.Thought provoking it certainly proved to be. But also showed that there is light at the end of even what seem to be the longest of tunnels.

Marcus 8th Nov 2017

‘Whist researching different approaches to removing limiting subconscious beliefs, a series of coincidences and synchronicities lead me to Kay and learning of her training in ‘Kinetic Shift’ hypnotherapy. Within minutes something had shifted and released and the feeling of relief was overwhelming. I was so pleased to find the technique doesn’t involve any delving into the past and trying to work out where the belief came from in the first place, rather it just removes the emotional charge producing a feeling of freedom and calm. Kay is understanding and straight to the point and I highly recommend her Kinetic shift therapy.’


Saw Kay undertake some public speaking today, and was blown away. The growth I’ve seen in her as a person since first meeting her is incredible, and she clearly knows her stuff about tarot. Clearly a person who cares about her clients!

Google Review 9 January

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