Soul Card

As I look at this card I see the symbol of the Cancerian - the crab.

I myself was born under the sign of the crab

and I must admit to being a home lover

Someone who puts their family first and will dance

around a situation before jumping in feet first!

However this card isn't an image of a crab it is

a woman holding onto something!

It looks to me that it is something more precious than her life itself!

There are many hands in the image and yet many hands do not always make light work.

I often find myself that when my family and friends try to help me I dig my heals in and struggle on alone.

Often to my detriment as I fall down that black hole!

What this card is trying to tell us is to accept that help with grace!

For in doing so at least we will not fall down flat upon our face!

A problem shared is a problem halved - so they say

And that helping hand will help us take that step away from our comfort zone

Enabling us to grow - after all wouldn't you offer that hand in just that way?







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