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The only person who can change the course of your pathway is YOU! With my spiritual spanners I am here to help you!
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I offer readings, Kinetic Shift Therapy, Meditation and an online hub that will enable and encourage you to live your life to its full potential. And there's merchandise in the shop to help you remember.All my clothing is supplied by Sparkles Gift Boutiq

I can’t thank Kay enough for her help recently. The work she does is invaluable and has really really helped me to work through some really difficult things. She is both professional and kind. Her compassion is front and centre and really helps to put you at ease. There is still more work to be done but I also know things are going to change! I’ve tried many things over the years. None of them have had as quick a result as Kay’s work has. And where there may still be work to do, for me personally, seeing changes as quickly as I have gives me hope. Kinetic shift isn’t something I was aware of until I met Kay. It’s a different way of thinking. And it’s a different form of ‘therapy’. But it really does work. I highly recommend a chat with Kay to see how she can help you! TT 9.4.24 Linkedin

Kay Downie The Soul Mechanic

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