Meet Kay Downie

Kay Downie

Meet Kay Downie

Hi everyone and thanks for visiting my website

I am Kay and am a qualified mechanic of the soul.

Just like any mechanic I repair and replace the parts that are not functioning correctly within your soul. Using only non-intrusive procedures I can coach, mentor you or I can remove and replace the blocks that have been created by limiting beliefs, phobias, mental/emotional/physical pain, traumas including PTSD etc

Sunflower Coaching, Kinetic Shift Information and Celtic Tarot have further information!

I am also a meditation facilitator and during the lock down period I am holding a weekly meditation on Zoom please contact me for details.

I can use various platforms for both Celtic Tarot (Tarot/Soul card readings) and Sunflower Coaching

Celtic Angel Events will be taking bookings once the lock down is lifted







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