Card Of The Day

Within us all is a being a spirit however most of us suppress them or ignore them

Believing that mankind is the be all and end all of life!

That the human race is the superior beings and that we do not need to answer to anyone

Or anything

How wrong are those who think this way!

We look after our physical being when we remember that it is our only means of transport

Often we will also look after our minds

Self-care is needed for our mind body and soul or if you like spirit

Keep that flame alive my friends trust in your gut when making a decision for it is that

Spirit within us that has our best interests to heart not mankind who rule the kingdom and

Try to pull our strings

Allow you being to fly freely by meditating and conversing with them on a daily basis

And watch your world change as those who trust in mankind only keep on hoping with no

Light at the end of their tunnel

Take card of your mind, your body and your spirit this is not selfish it is self preservation!

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