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This lady is mourning the death of her knight
At this time many of us are grieving the loss of someone/something
It could be not being able to work, to go to the gym or simply not meeting friends
When we grieve for something we have lost it often triggers our emotions for the loss
Of a grandparent/parent/friend etc this is normal and we will need to allow ourselves
The time to shed the tears that form however we do not need to focus upon these emotions
Choosing instead to be happy and accept that maybe not at this time but at another something
Wonderful will happen
For don’t the birds sing every morning as the sun rises and again as it sets
The time in between they often choose to sing showing that they are happy
These days we are given instructions to stay within our homes – our parents/grandparents
Would be spring cleaning – allow yourself the luxury to declutter your home and your mind
And choose to be HAPPY


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