Card Of The Day


We are all conscious that we need to eat to live 

How about feeding the soul though 

Often when we become conscious of our weight whether we 

Have put some on or are losing it for no reason

It is connected to the hunger of the soul.

Often our soul needs to release its pain and anguish

When ignored we lose weight 

Or it may be the worlds worries are on your shoulder 

This time we gain that weight.

It is no good worrying and stressing about that which has been 

Nor that which is to come 

Instead close the door on that which was it is no longer offering you anything

Accept the point of the journey that you are at

And know that tomorrow will bring many doors to open

You might just choose a different one to the one that holds that which 

You are stressing over 

Acceptance, graduated and love is the fuel to keep the engine running

Life is a journey and to be enjoyed go have some fun.


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