You have the Power


I love to enable and empower you to gain clarity and focus and this is because when you can see clearly what to do/where to go life is so much simpler.

Back in the sixties when I was young we thought it strange that people like John Lennon was singing and talking all about Love. The song that is going around in my head just now though is I love how you love me by The Paris Sisters.

It is all very well and good for another to love you – how much do you love yourself?

For when we can not only accept who we are we can look in the mirror and say I love you (name) the fire within our soul ignites sending out signals to all of our cells to give us the power to do all things well.

We do not have to do things perfectly just be able to accept that today we done this and tomorrow we can build upon until the practice makes perfect.

Don’t wait for perfection for when you do nothing gets done and the fire within will only burn you.

Causing weariness, depression, anxiety and more to come knocking on your door.

Self acceptance equates to that love the strength will then come from the power above highlighting gifts and tools we have hidden within to enable us to do what is needed to manifest the dreams that once seemed beyond our reach.

So whilst love can hurt and diminish our power it can also heal and reignite the passion/flame.

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