Who Am I

Am I who I think I am or am I who I think you think I am?

I don’t think we ever know who we are for we are programmed by are parents, grandparents and teachers to be able to cope with the material world.

Whilst I am grateful for them helping me with this in the process I do believe that I got lost and am sure many of you feel the same!

It is although our true purpose our authentic self was just a chalk picture and was washed away with the rain.

I spent many years trying to adapt to the labels that the material world placed on me from daughter, sister, pupil, student to wife and mother as well as all the job titles in between.

If you feel that those labels have drained away your authenticity your ability to have trust in your ‘gut’ and act accordingly then like me you need to step back and out of what has become that comfort zone.

For I am no longer who I thought I was or who I think you might think I am – I am me!

Whose me a person with 6 decades of experience and yet feels reborn

I trust my ‘gut’ I speak it as I see it with no frills or fancies that is both to my clients and myself

For I have given up thinking someone is this or that for nobody can be judged by their exterior persona it is how they are and how they feel about this and that that forms the true persona

Are any of us truly authentic – I doubt it

Myself though is as near to it as I can be for today at least tomorrow might find me falling of my mountain for we do not know what we will think tomorrow and what we thought yesterday doesn’t matter

It is who we are or should I say who we think you think us to be that matters – does it heck it is who you truly are that counts.

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