Who Am I

Who am I

I am a mother, wife, sister, mother, cousin, niece!

I cook, I clean, I am kind, I love, I try to see the good in all things.

I accept that we cannot always agree and that when we don’t not to worry over this.

Who am I  – I am me!

Whilst labels let you know what I do and what roles I play in truth I am me.

Me that woman who over the last 6 decades have seen highs and lows

Who once was terrified of that roller coaster ride called life as I neither new or understood who  I was.

Then I began to relax into my skin to accept that to change first I had to accept me!

My skin might have a few wrinkles, my heart a few scares I may have brought joy to another or I might have broken their heart but that now is something I have to accept as I cannot go back and undo

Who am I?

I am Kay the lady with a passion for cards someone who will help another not to have ride that roller coaster for so long and if I can turn one frown into a smile wipe away one tear I know my job to be done

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