What is your spiritual Path

Often when I do a reading the cards are saying to the recipient to follow their spiritual path – I am not 100% if I or they know what that is!

Many believe it to be a religious path – I do not.

Many believe it to behave is such a way that they appear worthier than others – I do not.

Some think it is to do healing or reading cards.

Others to preach and connect the living with those who passed

This is what I see your spiritual path to be and please do remember this is my thoughts upon the subject and aren’t the believes of all

I believe we are all part of a great energy – a little of this energy is within us all and as we fit together like a jigsaw so the fuller picture becomes clearer – how do we do this well let me start at to me is the beginning

  • We need to love and respect not only our fellow men we need to respect and love ourselves too!
  • We need to be prepared to open the door to those it has been closed no matter who closed it
  • We need to forgive and to release all anger
  • This forgiveness is for ourselves as well as our transgressors for we need to forgive ourselves for allowing whatever it was that happened to have happened.
  • To accept even when we have forgiven that the person we forgive may have moved on to another road as each of us has our own path to follow
  • It is better to have loved and lost than not to have felt love
  • To see that there is two sides to every story
  • To accept that no matter what our colour, race or creed we are all part of that greater energy and therefore connected
  • That it is OK to walk away from toxic people even if they are family
  • To have faith, trust and love
  • To be the teacher and the student in the classroom we call life
  • To accept that the full picture will not be seen within this life.
  • To honor the faith of others for what is right for you is not necessarily for another
  • We are one with nature and to respect our planet and its inhabitants
  • To know we can all be free
  • To be grateful for every word/deed that we encounter for that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger
  • There is no I in team and together we can build a better place for future generations in love and peace.

I hope my thoughts on what a spiritual path is will help those who have readings with me to understand the cards aren’t asking you to be anything that you don’t wish to be just encouraging you to be the best you can.

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