You may think that to call a blog Toolbox somewhat strange as I am not a plumber/electrician/decorator/engineer!!!

Whilst I am none of the above I’m what you could call a fixer/enabler/empowerer!

And to carry out this work of course I need tools.

We are all born with a tool box and skills whether we choose to add to it is of course a personal choice.

We can live a perfectly normal life with the tools and skills that we are born with however as with any toolkit these tools will become obsolete or outdated.

Some may even lose their sharpness and skills unused forgotten.

As many of you will know for many years my tool box stayed shut and my skills laid dormant

My life continued and I have two wonderful grown up children as well as those who have adopted me as their mam

Then I had what many would call a light bulb moment – yes a good phrase as it was if my light went out

The bulb needed changing and I needed to open up that toolbox and use my skills

I didn’t know which tools to use which skill was needed so I signed up for a Self Awareness Course (I am now running my own)

The facilitator showed me the tools and sharpened my skills and whoosh I was off.

I felt that I  had wasted that time before the bulb went out however in truth that was my schooling for it was from that time that I can draw upon experiences which now reside in my toolbox.

I learned to read Tarot Cards and went on to use this skill to read the Soul Cards – more tools in my box

I was shown how to open to spirit and bring uplifting and encouraging messages from our spirit friends and family members who are no longer with us – of course they don’t always return with these kind of messages and I was shown how to filter them and to leave my client uplifted – another tool in the box.

I learned how to channel healing – another tool.

Next came meditation and now I facilitate my own group – my box is filling

I now have NLP and Kinetic Shift – this tool box is full

Time to start researching do I need another draw or two – time will tell.

Welcome to my toolbox if you think I can help you in anyway do visit my contact page by clicking here



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