They said there’d be snow at Christmas

They said there’d be peace on earth – they said that the war had taken place to end all wars – they said life should be this/that.

Who are they?

Is it the government? Is it the Media or is it Religion?

What does it matter who they are? Did that snow come for Christmas? Is there peace on earth? Did that war end all wars? Are we comfortable doing this/that?

We do not need to please anyone other than ourselves – yes we do have to abide by the rules of the land and be kind and considerate to others!

We are on a journey and might not reach the destination before we leave the planet. We have the tools and the skills to carve a pathway that suits our needs not that of the ones who tell us to carve it this way or that way for they are having you carve out their path not yours.

Allow yourself to feel what is needed, detach yourself from those things including people that make you feel uncomfortable and stand between you and your dreams.

Take that step out into the unknown with your tools and skills and follow your heart for there might not be snow at Christmas, you might not stop the wars and please those who once said these things, there will be peace in your heart

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