The time for giving

Here we are December 1st!

Time traditionally for thoughts to turn to giving!

It is also a time to remember that it is the thought that counts not the amount the presents cost!

Especially this year with people losing their jobs or having to tighten their belts due to shorter working hours!

Most of us are fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads and food on our table, so when thoughts turn to buying food for that Christmas feast, presents for under the tree is it not time to think of those who are a less fortunate?

Give with grace though not for ego!

If you cannot give direct why not purchase something that aids a charity by sending their cards this year.

That giving to needs to turn inwards as you take care of yourself!

Self-care should always be uppermost within our thoughts even when routine may be going out of the window as the holiday spirit kicks in!

Check out Sunflower Coaching and Celtic Tarot and book yourself a reading or therapy or maybe a visit to my Etsy shop will enable kindness for those you wish to give as well as for you.

Embrace Christmas 2020 and the changes it will bring!

It might be a Zoom party rather than gathering under one roof.

It may be a non branded present!

Change is difficult for us all yet when wrapped in love it is as simple as opening the door.

So God Bless you Merry Gentleman (and Ladies too)

As today I wish for you what you would wish yourself.


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