The Leap of Faith

As a Tarot Card reader I often advise another to take the leap of faith when The Fool card is drawn.

This year is the year that I have decided to do what I preach.

Having qualified as an NLP Practitioner and Coach as well as a Kinetic Shift Practitioner this year

To compliment my card readings I extended KGD to incorporate Sunflower Coaching

I was already giving support therefore mentoring/coaching with the cards and it seemed to be a natural extension

However I am not going to say that this has made my work any easier for I have as it were slipped down that snake just as

I was reaching the finish line on the Snakes and Ladders Board.

I also attended a workshop called Cards on The Table in Cardiff where the outcome was

My sails are set and yet my anchor is still down!

You see my wish when I began this section of my journey is to help as many as I can not to have

To feel the emptiness, the loneliness, the unworthiness and not being loved that I did.

Do not misunderstand me for I was loved, I had friends and yet I still had that emptiness, loneliness,

Unworthiness and not being loved and it had been with me for many many years.

My mother was my best friend, my husband adored me, I had to beautiful children and good friends.

That didn’t mean that what you seen was what you got the frustration and all the above were hidden not behind a smile

For I hadn’t done that for years but a mask that said everything is fine.

My husband and I took a leap of faith back in 2002 when we purchased what was to become my home with my daughter in 2003

This was a leap of faith for it meant Monday – Friday I was to live with her whilst my husband worked over 100 miles away.

Despite what others thought we survived this and in 2015 my husband finally ‘came home’

Not just to me and my daughter but to his birth place and it seemed that the end of the Snakes and Ladders was now within reach!

How wrong were we for a year later off he went back to work for a short time whilst I was left behind this time all alone – I was not lonely, I did not feel empty or unworthy and I had accepted I was loved the thing I missed was working and at 61 I didn’t want to look for employment so I launched Celtic Tarot as a business instead the year before I had begun arranging/running Wellbeing/Holistic/Craft events to raise monies for various charities so I joined these under one banner yes that’s right KGD.

2019 seen Sunflower Coaching join this family and now my friends it is up to you to allow me to climb those ladders and count the squares until my leap of faith will get me not just in reach of but to the final square on the Snakes and Ladders’ Board.

Should you wish to talk to me above any of the above or something else do feel free to us the contact form 



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