Swimming with Sharks

I don’t think many of us would choose to swim in shark invested waters unless we were in one of the cages that are used for this type of thing.

Yet we allow our imaginations to create obstacles to prevent us creating the kind of business or life that we desire. Giving us the same kind of fear as swimming with sharks creates.

Recently I became an ambassador for Mum Academy as I was as guilty as the rest of you for creating these obstacles and swimming with these imaginary sharks.

My working schedule was completely altered with a chat over a coffee with the founder of Mum Academy, time spent wasted on updating various Facebook pages and websites became available again (safer waters to swim in).

Shell Williams researched how to make business/family life compatible for many years and is now running this success story herself whilst helping others, does it sound good that is because it is good so do not swim with those sharks any longer my friends come and drink Prosecco and eat cake, take time out with family, friends as you watch your business grow with the tips and advice given by the team of experts who work alongside this lovely lady.

After all you owe yourself the time just as I did when I met her for coffee only didn’t then realize it!

Watch out for an announcement re an upcoming conference to promote this business as it encourages you to swim with the dolphins and not the sharks .

I am still running the businesses that I used to spend that laborious time on as they are now under this website and my one Facebook page  so do take time to look at them they are Celtic Angel Events  and Celtic Tarot you will also find much more as you scroll through the website and do feel free to contact Kay should you wish to.


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