Summer Madness

Well it does seem that we have all gone mad with the summer this year with many canceling going abroad for holidays as the temperature soars here in the UK.

I am writing this blog today triggered by my own daughter’s behavior in the sun yesterday. She sat on a beach for 6 hours without applying any protection to the rays of the sun, needless to say last night she was a little pink and sore.

However it isn’t just towards the sun we as humans seem to loose our senses when the sun comes through but we seem to loose many inhibitions too. Forgetting our age and bearing bits of our bodies that haven’t been seen for years forgetting that time hasn’t necessarily been kind over the years.

Our emotions are like tightened elastic bands near the service to wanting to murder someone one minute and cry the next.

Take time to dress for the weather folks, make sure you drink plenty to and remember what happens when we fry an egg don’t let that happen to you.

However do take part in Celtic Tarot’s Summer Madness by clicking on this link and schedule three readings before the offer ends by clicking on this link.

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