Snooze Button

How often do we press the snooze button when the morning alarm bell rings? Once, Twice, Three or more?

We know don’t we that when that bell rings or that music plays it is time to get up and to start a new day but whilst we went to bed with good intention we may have woken with yesterday’s shadow blocking the sunshine of today!

We never cleared up that which we did yesterday we never tied up those lose ends instead we had good intentions for today and then allowed those undone situations to come and cloud the way.

Unlike the weather we can control our thoughts we can prevent those things from yesterday blocking the sunshine of today for yesterday is gone we cannot relive it but we can if we aren’t careful allow it to prevent us living today.

We need to close the lid on the box of the day before retiring, to dot the i’s and cross the t’s to have clear intention of what was and what is wanted, then take at least 6-8 hours sleep to allow the mind, body and soul to adjust and heal before that dreaded bell rings and the snooze button pressed and a new day begins.

Freedom is only gained by working with not against our intentions and remembering that we are worthy of our dreams, meditation and to do/wish lists often help but you must choose the way that is best for you for each of us is different unique in our ways so think just for a moment what will help you to press the off button and not the snooze button as you are eager to get up and write the story of today!

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