Personal Journey

How true is this quote by Glenn Beck? Very I would say. From a young age the goal posts were forever being moved and therefore I was never able to achieve the result expected! Like most I was also taught that others should come first.

We do not realize how conditioned and programmed our parents, teachers and our journey shapes us forming not always the adult we ourselves would like to have become.

We are never to old to change, patterns and habits can be broken but it takes a lot of hard work.

I was in my fifties when I found I didn’t like who I was, to late for my children to have the mother who I believe they should have had at first I was very harsh upon myself and then I attended a self awareness course at Tranquility House in Swansea.

I don’t offer a self awareness course however I do offer clarity and focus through card readings or am happy to meet for a chat (first half hour of the chat is free) so do think about where you are has the journey brought about what you expected?

If not contact me and we will discover together how in truth it has helped and how worthy you are to become that authentic being within you




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