Paper Bag

In September 2017 I could be likened to an empty sweet bag, you know the ones I mean where the last bit of toffee or icing sugar sticks in the corners!

Then I went for a coffee – that’s right a coffee with a stranger who I had spoken to on Facebook and she lived just up the road. She arrived at the place we had arranged to meet just seconds before me but even as I followed her in I recognized her, ‘soul mate’ now comes to mind, we ordered and sat down together – 2 hours later this person whom I will name later had taken my paper bag and turned it inside out taken those last bits from the corner, shaken it and smoothed out the wrinkles and left me somewhat overwhelmed but with an agenda of what to do.

I left this person 2 hours after first meeting her and set off home where my husband was delighted to see that I had suddenly got my mojo back and that life was worth living not that I had not been for lots of the things I had been adviced to do I had already been doing but I had been doing them in bits a pieces now I had a plan and that was to bring all my projects under one umbrella and that is how I came to re-brand and to bring Celtic Tarot, Celtic Angel Events and all the other things I do to this website.

The person I met was Shell Williams author of Millionaire Mum Academy, How To Easily Build Your Mumpreneur Business Empire, I have this book and of course I have a new friend whom I am glad to work with both on line and physically.

If you would like to bring your life back on track and to spend more time with family and friends then this is the book to have or of course you could join us as an ambassador or client at

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Life is short and should be spent doing those things we enjoy and when we love our life and ourselves this is achievable.


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