Open Doors

Life is a journey not a destination it takes hard work, commitment and self-belief on a daily basis.

Life can also be likened to a mill pond when we have an open mind and heart it is calm and tranquil.

As we take our steps along the stepping stones that make up our journey we are often blinkered to that which is around us focusing upon what has been or worrying about what is to come and therefore we miss the doors that line the route or maybe it is fear that stops us from opening them.

When we can allow our thoughts to focus on the moment to overcome that fear of the unknown and open the doors that line our route we will find wonder that await us for miracles can and do happen on a daily basis but we do need to have the love, the trust and the faith to open them.

Love is the key to all thing and unlike what we are taught to love oneself is not a bad thing a long as we do not cause harm to another in doing so for we should love ourself and allow that love to ripple out across the universe.

Trust is required too to push ajar that door for unless we can trust ourself to at least investigate that which i behind the door we will not have the strength to open it.

Faith is probably the hardest of these three for we are trusting an unknown identity but unless we can then how can we ever believe that there is more to life than what we see/

Take time to clear the mind and find some clarity and focus take time to speak to Kay or to read the daily card for both will assist in this process

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