Nobody said the road was easy

Nobody ever said that the road would be easy neither did they say it would be difficult we are left to find these things out for ourselves.

Even when we start life one way it doesn’t follow that our path will always take that route.

For life is full of ups and downs – rough and smooth choices and it is choices for we choose the way we wish to continue and sometimes we simply walk around in circles experiencing the same thing over and over again!

Few of us learn that our life is two halves,a spiritual and material being existing within one body!

I was brought up within a semi religious background and whilst I was taught about life after death – I wasn’t fully taught about our spiritual being that resides within us all!

You see we are all part of the Universe – or Spiritual Realm whichever title you wish to give the whole of the universe and that is how psychics/clairvoyant can read those here or passed away and without one of us the whole picture is not available

So don’t think of that road as a bumpy ride just think of it as a cobbled street that hides many magic moments.

With my skill as an NLP coach and Kinetic Shift practitioner and my Tarot/Soul cards I can guide you to the smoother part of your road should you find that you are going round in circles




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