I visited Bath yesterday it felt somewhat strange as I used to live there, in fact I was born there and even lived in the Royal Crescent for a little while! I went yesterday to work at event to support Horse World held in the Guildhall, somewhere I had never been before – what a beautiful place, the room I was in had three huge chandeliers, I wouldn’t like to have to clean them!

I met a friend who I’d not seen for approx 30 years, did some readings, maid some contacts and therefore although the day‘s takings may not have been great the aftermath might just prove to be, becauseĀ you see networking isn’t about that day, that moment it is about what impression it left on you and you on it.

So on paper it might have looked as though I was helping Horse World on that day in truth they were helping me – want to know more about Horse World then do click on the link.

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