Money is it worth the Adoration?

Is money worth the blood, sweat and tears we shed to make it? Is it worth putting our health at risk just to gain the money we spend on trivial things that aren’t really needed?

Just look at how risks were taken to get to jobs these last few days was it worth it what if it had been your vehicle that had slipped and caused a fatality, what would the families do then?

There are things that money just cannot buy the love of our children (yes it can get them the latest toy, fashion accessories) but it cannot replace the love and joy that being together brings.

Our health often suffers through the pressures put upon our shoulders from employers and then we find that money cannot replace the lifestyle lost even my own daughter was on the edge of a nervous breakdown from this.

The material world will have us believe that money is the b all and end all but remember it cannot buy those priceless gifts that have been given freely if only we would take the time to sit in the silence and listen to the voice within but time is money and we must pursue it – but must we take that time my friends and ask yourself does money truly give that lifestyle that you strive for.

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