I think of life as this children’s toy that I had hours of fun with when growing up not realizing that this is a true indication of what life is.

Why you might ask do I think of it in this way.

A kaleidoscope can only been turned one way once the pattern is broken and changed it cannot return only move on and that is how we should live our life.

When we strive to keep moving forwards are brave enough to step outside of our comfort zone into that world of the unknown or to take time to connect to our authentic self the kaleidoscope turns our pattern change.

And whilst after a time that pattern feels uncomfortable and we wish to return to the good old days we need to accept that life has moved on and the only way to break this new pattern is to turn that kaleidescope again.

We need to take time on a weekly basis to review the days gone by to decide do we wish to continue with this pattern or do things need to change.

When I say things I mean do we need to change something about ourselves in order to grow into our values or is there still away to grow into those we made last week – only you can decide for this is your kaleidoscope and it is up to you to stick with the same pattern or to turn it just a little bit.

Life is for living remember this.


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