From the day we are born our journey begins. However many act as if each age we reach is a destination instead of a station, a stepping stone to the wonders of the next birthday that might take us over mountains and valley trails. We all want our children to have the things that we missed out on, to attain this we must change our comprehension of white life is all about.

It is true that we give birth, then we nurture wishing our babies to learn to walk, to talk and do all the things that children do, often wishing that they hadn’t when the goal is reached.

Each day both children and adults are given a clean sheet upon which to write their memories of the day ahead but often we are looking past that to what lies ahead missing out on those valuable lessons and blessings that have been sent to create those wonderful memories.

Let today be the day you start to explore the moment to paint that scene upon the sheet for evermore.

My husband and I have just returned from a fabulous time together building memories in Edinburgh and then when home we zipped off again to Calne to see the wonderful stone of Avebury. The weather in Edinburgh did us proud allowing us to explore and to visit the Royal yacht but the rain came down in Wiltshire. This didn’t stop those memories being made for we painted the vision of the stones seen through sheets of rain and then drove home the scenic route making more memories as we drove until back home and the sun is shinning a full week again is planned for we have accepted life i for living not existing and absorb the moment we are in. We have learned to be flexible to have both plan A and B and often C our life is abundant with memories we are making our children are free adults and are able to make their own.

Soon we will be off again to Tenby and Gerona but before that time we will find something each day to help us make those memories of the journeys we have made and are making.


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