It was 7 am

I am going to take you back approx 15 years when it was 7 am on a weekday morning, there was plenty of traffic on the M4 when I found myself with no breaks unable to slow down as traveling down hill and committed to taking the next junction.

There was only one thing I could do and that was to mount the embankment. Fortunately I didn’t turn the car over and unfortunately it ended up tipped at an angle that I had to more or less roll out onto the ground.

I rang a well known roadside assistance whom not only did I have roadside cover with I was also insured with – their response was as it was not a breakdown they couldn’t help.

I rang my employer forgetting he was out of the country so no help from him! I knew that my husband was on site somewhere so no chance of contacting him.

Who did I turn to ………………….. that’s right my father a man who was always there whenever I needed him. Love him I got him out of the shower, this advice to me was ring back that organization and if no joy get back to me. I did just that and got through to a different person who was most helpful and arranged for a truck to come and fetch me.

There had been nobody stopping they all drove on past lost in their own worlds except for one man who did stop and ask and as he did so the police pulled up behind so his help was no longer needed.

The police couldn’t understand why I had driven upon to the embankment was I trying to commit suicide, had a been drinking? a breathalyzer soon put paid to that question. And the answer to the question as to suicide was no and a relayed my plight regarding the brakes and how I had left the hand brake on at some lights and didn’t realize I had done so until just before I got on the motorway.

One of the officers had moved my car and the brakes by now were fine and they waited with me until the tow truck arrived.

So thanks to my father and whoever was watching over me that day I live to tell the tale for the police officers said if it wasn’t for my quick thinking I and several others could/would have died.

What would you have done in that situation – would you have driven by?

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