It is never to late

It is never too late.

I began reading cards in 2011/2 and then started the events in 2014/5 and after retiring from fulltime employment focused on these as hobbies.

My husband retired 6 months after me in December 2015 and then in 2017 he went back to work leaving me alone at home and I found that not only was he missing from my life but so was I.

I had been speaking in public for many years but then attended 2 Speaking Academy workshops and decided to get my story out to a wider audience.

Then I had a coffee with a local entrauproner who showed me how to free up time and I began to take that which was a hobby seriously and created this website

Now that one would think would be it but not at all for I joined several networking groups and met up with a guy who can help with GDPR who recruited me as an ambassador

Then I became an ambassador for Utility Warehouse and finally for Mum Academy.

I feel passionate about all I do whether as an ambassador or something I actually do so if you would like to find out how you can come away from those utility suppliers who don’t care about anything but their bottom line, want to see what is needed to be compliant to the GDPR rules or find out how to save time and earn money do contact me.

Time and tide wait for no man/woman but it will never be to late to take back the power that was given to you to enjoy.

The card of the day will help clear the mind as will a visit to our circle but to find true inner peace a full reading, a chat about those problems, how Utility Warehouse could work for you and how to comply with GDPR or increase revenue and time with Mum Academy remember to contact me.


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