Is this you?

Are you the person whom everyone looks at as successful?

Are you fed up of being judged? Of the sleepless nights, the early mornings, the disappointments of being that overnight success?

People only see what we allow and what they want to, they aren’t bothered about the size of the iceberg just that which is showing above the surface.

They don’t see the Swan’s feet as it glides over the water nor do they want to see the trials and tribulations that you have faced to bring about what they perceive as success.

We will never please everyone so stop trying – do the things that please you keep up the hard work, for it is all these things that we do that will bring us the life we wish to lead but remember to be grateful for those who have criticized for without this it might not have come to light to try a different approach.

Failure is a lesson taking the risk makes you a victor and in time all of these things will pay off not when others tell you but when you yourself accept that you are successful and pat yourself on the back.

When you can see that you are successful remember those who helped you to get there and be grateful for all those trials and tribulations for each experience we received on the journey has made us the person we are today!

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