I have a Dream

When I was a little girl I used to dream of becoming a teacher!

When I grew a little older I used to dream of becoming a mum.

As I became I mum I fulfilled that dream of becoming a teacher as I taught my children right from wrong.

As my children grew I would dream of what they might achieve as they became adults. Leaving my thoughts and dreams of what I wanted to go!

What I wonder is your dream? Is it the same now as it was growing up?

As the children have flown the nest and I have time upon my hands I dream and I dream of being the best at all I do and that tomorrow I will be better than today for I want to leave this planet having left a thought that we are who we are and that life is for living.

As we grow older parents, siblings and friends begin to depart this world for the next, it doesn’t scare me for I do believe from the evidence shown that life continues and our experiences here will allow us to walk on a higher pathway when we return to our natural home.

I would love the governments of the nations to stop and think for a moment not of what the minerals and money a country has but how one nation can aid the next. For no matter what colour our skin, our religion or language we are my friends all going to go home to the same source let us therefore learn to love one another.

I dream of a world filled with love, lived in harmony and peace.

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