How Often Do You Say No?

How often do you use the word no? I know whilst I had depression it was a word I used with ease – some of my work colleagues even said once that they had to truly listen to the word as sometimes it would mean yes.

I love helping others now and often find it difficult to say no and to put time for me aside however the purpose of this article is to say practice this beautiful small but easy to say word.

Easy to say for it rolls off the tongue whilst yes neccesitates moving the mouth.

However in life we are taught to say yes to put others first, so imagine a bottle with a screw top and it is filled with water that represents those you help!

Take the top of said bottle as it stands before you what happens to the water – nothing – indicating if you were that top and had to take yourself off for a period of time the people you help would not notice.

Now put the top on whilst you turn the bottle upside down – remove the top once in position – the water spills and you no longer can help those that it represented.

Remember the announcement on the plane re oxygen masks – put your own on first before seeing to another

We live life through the habits we have formed and left to our own devises we find it difficult to break them so that is why I have added Sunflower Coaching to nestle with Celtic Tarot and Celtic Tarot Events under my banner of KGD.

After living with my habits for over 50 years I came to a place where I had a light bulb moment and began to find ways on how to change how to put myself first and mean no when I said it and use yes in the appropriate places.

I learned to use Kinetic Shift this year – what a nugget of gold that was and along with NLP Timeline Therapy I can enable you to break your habits and with coaching develop new

Don’t allow your limiting belief take you through the motion of living instead find that way to live your life to the full

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