Fish and Chips

When we think of fish our mind conjurers up a picture of fish and chips

Even when we aren’t hungry if fish pops into our mind then chips always seem to follow

Why is this you may ask

I wasn’t thinking of fish with chips!

We have two parts to our mind the conscious and the unconscious

The conscious being but the tip of the iceberg and when we think of that fish

The unconscious thinks where have I seen,felt,tasted, smelled or heard that before?

And connects the two together.

This happens with many things like salt and pepper, black and white etc etc

We are programmed to think in different ways and those programs are stored within

Our unconscious mind

We can change those programs if we wish

For life is a journey of patterns and we can choose the ones that work for us

Allow yourself time to connect with the unconscious mind and find out what works for you


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