Field of Corn

I have chosen to call this blog the field of corn as yesterday I was privileged to hear an American CEO speak at a conference. He didn’t speak about products or services he spoke about people just like us.

He related how when he moved into his farm himself and his two boys planted corn, how they had ploughed the field etc but then how he’d had to go away and the field was neglected – upon his return he and the the boys found that the corn had grown a little but that the field had been over grown with weeds.

Those corn seeds are the thoughts that we have the weeds are the thoughts of others that we allow to come and overgrow the seed that was our own – so do not as this man did plough the field and  plan your seed and leave it alone for the human mind, the material world is full of negativity (doubt, fear, unworthiness etc). Tenderly care for the seeds you have and do not worry about the parable of the man who sowed his seed in the parable of the sower instead think of the above for nature will take care of her own but if we want corn we have to tend it.

We have to have a vision, we then have to prepare for that vision, then work at manifesting what we would grow and if we are able to work with a team to do this it will surely grow and we are all blessed to be part of a great team of spiritual aids, angels and the Universe itself allow yourself to be helped and of course help others too and allow the seed of love to grow and change the world from what we know

Be grateful for the corn as it is harvested be grateful for each day that you get out of bed no matter what aches and pains and be grateful again as you climb back in at night for all that unfolded during the day and know that together friends we will fight another day.


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