Euphoria or Happiness

Ken Dodd sang that he’d been blessed with more than his share of happiness but where did that happiness come from certainly not his bank account for he was not good with money according to the media. I believe that the gift was within him that he had learned to be happy with who he was and accepted the love of his wife and audiences.

For whilst people can trigger the feeling of happiness unless we own it then it will not last for if we believe that because we had a bad day yesterday that today will be the same then no doubt it will. We have freedom of choice but with it comes consequences for all things have a price! The price is how we feel about things especially about how we feel about ourselves.

Money cannot buy love and it cannot buy happiness that comes from an acceptance of self and the responsibility of the actions we take for those actions came from our thoughts and whilst we do bring forth negativity when responsibility is taken and a positive attitude applied then the outcome can be and should be of a positive nature/

Time to take action, time to take time to to reflect and to take the responsibility for those actions that were taken to accept that we cannot change what was but can learn from them and apply the lesson to what is.

Do not get so caught up in the euphoria of the moment and to believe that the feeling of happiness will last without effort on your part instead accept that it is you who has the choice to be happy and that this euphoria is the trigger to the starting gun and open your heart to self love and love of/from others and let this day be the day that the journey starts with and ends with a happy heart.

Take time to read the daily card or to request a reading as this might trigger the starting gun for you

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