Do you want to know a secret

I bet this title has gotten your attention!

The secret I have to tell obviously is no secret anymore!

For I have learned to listen to my body not my mind to go with my gut reaction rather than overthinking things.

if my body says I am tired and my brain says but you have this this or this to do unless they are urgent and something I have to do i have learned to reschedule.

For I could push myself and feel even worse than I did for what to satisfy mine or another’s ego?

Taking care of oneself doesn’t mean go to the hairdresser, have a massage, pedicure or manicure it means to listen to that what your body needs and to act accordingly.

To eat a healthy diet and to drink plenty.

To exercise and to rest.

To make sure that you come first and therefore are in a tip top condition to help everyone else.

You are the cause and the solution of every situation that you allow to affect your life.

When we can accept this and begin to listen to our gut instead of our head

To work at what we wish to receive

Our world spins on its axis

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