Do You Know What Kay Downie – The Soul Mechanic Does?

A mechanic is an artisan, skilled tradesperson, or technician who uses tools to build, maintain, or repair machinery. Kay uses her skills and tools with the aid of her own life experiences to maintain, repair and rebuild your soul!

In this website you will find several pages for each of the skills that are used and information regarding Celtic Angel Events

First page is Celtic Tarot here you can find the various kind of readings that are on offer – whilst the name Celtic Tarot was once the name of Kay’s business it is also the name of the deck that is used to give the Tarot Card readings unlike the conventional reader Kay doesn’t use a book nor does she use the suites to base her readings on instead only her intuition, the client’s energy and her contact with her spiritual guides are used to create the reading. Whilst the half hour reading is purely and interpretation of the cards this way if an hour reading is requested not only does Kay connect with her guides will will become a conduit for your departed loved ones to communicate as well. Whilst the cards are used to tell the client their past and present the future cards are not set in stone as Kay does not believe in predicting the future, neither will she diagnose an illness, give you the sex of your unborn child or who your greatest love will be. You will however revisit thoughts that were suppressed therefore giving you clarity and focus to solve the situation that brought you to this site.

As well as the Tarot Cards Kay uses two decks of Soul Cards to do readings these are mainly about the here and now opening up your soul to her soul and from here the pieces of the situation are able to be placed in such a way to bring clarity again to the situation that brought you here.

Under Sunflower Coaching you will find Kay’s certificates that enable her to use the Kinetic Shift therapy as well as NLP therapies/skills this is where you can book a Diagnostic (Chat for free) a Service (a single or package of treatments) or and MOT an annual diagnostic/therapy.

The second business will be covered again for this does enable others in a different way than those above – Kay has chosen to do this work to enable and empower you to live a life that follows your life’s blue print something she did not do as she allowed herself to vibrate on negative energy fed by those around her instead of tuning into the positive vibrations of the universe, causing her to become depressed and to carry a big chip on her shoulder, this is how she gained the experiences that can be used along side the readings/therapies she now offers so if you are unhappy with the life you live contact here and have that diagnostic/reading today, or request a time from the scheduler that appears upon the page.


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