Coming of Age


This year the 21 century celebrates its 21st birthday!

As a child of the fifties I can remember when 21 was the age that we got the key of the door.

This however changed the year I became 18 for in this year it was declared that coming of age would be 18.

Folks celebrated both the 18th and 21st birthdays or in my case neither for my parents didn’t uphold this tradition.

I had had the key to their front door upon leaving school and starting work.

What traditions/habits do you still uphold?

Did things have to change in 2020 and were lessons not learned?

For us to grow in confidence and knowledge do not habits need to be broken for many of these habits are the anchor that is preventing our ships from leaving the harbour.

Not all traditions/habits are bad and they do add some structure to our pathway however why do we follow them blindly not understanding why they began or how they may effect our fellow man.

Little boy blue was found sleeping when he should have been watching his sheep – are you just aimlessly following as those sheep did or are you heading the guidance the shepherd gives.

What am I rambling about sheep and shepherds well in this 21st century our shepherd uses technology not social media or mobile phones the data base within us all!

It was placed there millenniums ago and still serves us well as long as we take time to listen instead of absorbing the toxic guidelines of man and made up religions!

Don’t misunderstand me those guidelines laid down are valid to keep the country and church on their feet but what about you where do you fit in is not the glory of God, The Redeemer, The Creator, the Power Source within us when we stop and connect within and listen.

Does not our faith, trust and love always bring to us what’s needed.

Are we not blessed with food, homes, clothes on our backs and ways to find our way back to the beginning when we were so innocent until we gave our love and trust to another and questioned our faith.

Let 2021 be the year that you become of age – when you take responsibility for your words and actions.

Act and speak from a heart full of love, trust your intuition and reignite you faith in whoever or whatever you believe gives you the power so you can succeed!

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