Choices – Choose Well

Nothing in life is an accident we do not take wrong turnings without a subconscious choice for example earlier this week I was going to Lampeter to take a service and found myself on the road to Newcastle Emlyn – I got to Lampeter half an hour late however if I had taken the correct road I could have been involved in an accident that had occurred there so it was of a case of arriving late rather than not at all.

It is the same when we are given bad news we can decide to accept it and cope or react in the way that allows it to snowball and making us feel worse.

I suffered a long time with depression, triggered off by a close person, when it started I had no idea what it was and just thought that taking life serious, not laughing much or smiling was simply the norm. Then when my eldest began school I went to the doctor as I couldn’t stop the tears when dropping him off at school, he gave me a choice drugs/work – I chose work and once again coped.

Fear is a curtain that we often pull when worried about what life brings draw back the curtain my friends and look at the obstacle given, step back from the situation, take a deep breath, and maybe another for we have the answer to the question if we just take our time to feel what our ‘gut’, our intuition is telling us and choose what to do well.

When we wake in the morning we can decide whether to be grumpy or happy and often we allow the weather to influence us but it is down to us what we choose.

Communication with friends, family and ourselves helps for when we hear or see the words that are swimming within the mind we can choose what to do with clarity and focus.

This is our life each one of us is the ring master of our own circus choose the acts with care and have a long and enjoyable life.

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