Building blocks

Children love nothing more than building their dreams with wooden blocks an old sheet or table cloth and allowing their rocket, ship or plane to become almost reality.

As adults we use blocks as well only ours are in our mind and we often allow ourselves to use them over and over again especially those that remind us that we failed at our last attempt so why try again?

Life is about failing or should I say falling how many times do those children knock down their blocks and rebuild or build something different? Well an adult can do the same the secret is not letting that dark cloud of yesterday prevent you from seeing the sunshine of today!

Imagination is one of our building blocks and often we have suppressed this for so long we’ve forgotten how to use it!

Self-belief is another for if you do not believe in yourself who will believe in you?

Self-respect don’t copy another respect yourself and be authentic use your own ideas and format that which you would manifest.

Nobody got to the top without climbing the stairs and to gain those stairs they first had to build them!

Reach for the stars my friends in fact reach beyond the stars and that way should you fall they will be your safety net.

First of all ask yourself what it is you want!

Then write it down and work out how to get there not from the ground but work backwards finding each step that would have been taken had you gotten there then start to build those stairs from the bottom of the list until the final step takes you to the door of your success!

Limiting belief, habit, mindset, phobias and a whole lot more will be trying to prevent those stairs so this is where I come in with Sunflower Coaching   A free 15 minute chat will let us see if together we can build your staircase as the practices did for me!




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