As it was in the beginning

Just thought about this as I sat drinking a cup of coffee and thought I’d put it out there

What do I mean with as it was in the beginning? Well there is a verse in Mathew in the bible (Mathew 24 v 37:42)

As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end

Is this the case though?

Have we not evolved?

Yes we come into this world with nothing and leave the same and yet we come to gain knowledge do we not so how can it be the same.

We enter I believe with an agenda that our parent(s) help us to understand the way to adapt to the material world however often do they not encourage us to forget our true purpose?

Are we not given this blue print to build upon our knowledge and to help others understand?

I know that for many years I was the product of my parents they had taught me to be serious to feel unworthy and in someways unloved.

I rebelled if you like at 18 and spiralled into a life that continued to suck the happiness from me as I




Gave Birth

Became a battered wife



Gave birth

Diagnosed with deep depression

Then in my 50’s I realised I had a choice to continue to be this person who in no way represented that child that came to earth and chose to find her!

So I suppose in answer to my question for me it is as it was in the beginning and yet my end hasn’t yet been

What is my purpose well I would like to think to encourage and enable you to stop and think to connect to that wonderful being that is within us all this is not to do with religion although the bible has been quoted it is to do with society reprogramming the kindness, the love and empathy to be just another brick in the wall as it were.

We are far more worthy to succeed then to fail so take time my friends and ask yourself the question I asked of me and then do something about it for it is you who has that control and can work with others to build a world where our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be proud to call their home.



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