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Kay Georgina Downie

I was born in the West of England and spent my formative years there only moving to Wales approx seventeen years ago. Whilst I have always had a firm belief in the spirit/angelic realms and in life after death it wasn’t until moving to my home in Wales that I took an active interest in finding out more and to learn to use the Tarot Cards. I am not a conventional reader preferring to use my intuition rather then text books to read the cards I have received 99% positive feedback for all my readings and you can see some of this on the testimonial and home page of this site as well as on Proven Expert and Google. I have experienced many trials and tribulations in my life which spans 6 decades with two broken marriages, the loss of loved ones, the joys and heartaches of bringing up children and holding down a full time job. At times I did wonder was life worth living; well of course the answer is yes and now that I know that my vocation is to help people by providing focus and clarity through my readings I not only feel that life is worth living I actually feel that I am alive.

I am a medium and find that my contact with those who have departed this world sometimes acts as an invitation for them to contribute to readings so should you have a full reading do not be surprised if a deceased member of your family pops in to say Hi and to offer their advice.

I do not see myself as anything special but I am privileged to have been able to cultivate the gift that I was born with in order to bring hope, happiness and a little love to people’s lives.

Whilst I have had two broken marriages I am pleased to say that I have been happily married for the last 30 years proving that there is someone out there for all of us it just takes some of us longer to find them then others.

Of course there is more to me than reading the cards as I also run Celtic Angel Events, Sunflower Coaching and a Meditation Circle

I also love networking and you can find out where and when I do this via this link

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