8 of Wands

Often I am asked how can the cards be so accurate to situations!

Well you see it is like this:

The cards were created to represent real life as the journey of the fool depicts in the Major Arcana!

The suits have money, removal of, wishes and hopes at the core of their meanings.

Personally I do not think about what the one who created the deck had in mind preferring to use my intuition!

I think all of you would agree that the card I have chosen to use in this blog certainly tells how we are being bombarded with what we should or shouldn’t do.

We live in such a drip fed world that many have no more idea what to do without someone telling them to!

Others think they know it all leaving the advice at the door!

Those who need confirmation on what to do will listen, question and react yet what is there to listen too?

As we are bombarded with so many facts/fiction so my advice would be listen and accept that which sits comfortably.

Remember then that what suits you will not always suit those around you so play the game!

Follow the guidelines enough to not compromise you and to allow those around feel comfortable because at the end of the day unless we listen and act from kindness the days will seem so dark!

Be the light that shines in the darkness

The shield that will help others to feel confident that whatever the situation we face will come to pass

It may be later than what we wish

There is one thing for certain until it does we have time to filter the thoughts that others are asking us to think!

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