A New Year and a New Decade!

This is the 7th decade I will have lived through as long as time stays on my side.

In my teens I lost my grandfather at the tender age of 66 my age this year!

Before I was twenty I had married.

Before I was twenty five I had divorced and married again.

At 26 I had a son and this is when the fun truly began.

My son father was jealous of our precious son and when he cried I had a hit.

Before my son was ten his father was history and it was just me and him for ever and a day or

So I though – how wrong was I as I met my husband of today and we have been together 3 decades

And not only have we my precious son who will be 40 we also have our princess who will be 30

So 2020 is a big year for us and I am setting a goal that it will also be a big year for me as my

Business takes off so that I can be independent financially and have time to spend with my tremendous family

Many people in my shoes would want to gain millions myself just enough to give me that independence and quality time

Will 2020 respond stay with me and see!

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