The Birth of Kay Downie – The Soul Mechanic

I spent my childhood, teenage years and a big chunk of my adult life feeling isolated, depressed and with a mighty big chip on my shoulder!

This was caused through a well meaning father who every time I approached the goal he set me, he moved the goal posts.

I of course knew nothing of this my life was what it was and I accepted that I was just a volatile kind of person – how wrong was this?

When I was approaching fifty I moved from England to Wales – this is when a few years later I had a light bulb moment!

Having been diagnosed with full blown depression after the birth of my daughter I had previously sought help and had a wonderful counselor whose work unfortunately was to be undone within months as my son’s school decided that I was the one with issues not him and arranged for me to see another counselor whose agenda was to prove this.

I was left in limbo as the previous counselor had retired and I was unable to trust another that is until I moved to Wales and sat with a Spiritual Medium who got me to a place I didn’t like myself – they also got me over a phobia of being scared of cats!

After doing a self awareness course, training to read the cards a friend suggested I did an NLP practitioner and coaching course in order to give some proof that I was able to counsel with the Tarot Cards as I had been doing. This led me to Kinetic Shift and Kay Downie – The Soul Mechanic started in order to prevent others living a life with bagage that isn’t needed and to accept their uniqueness.

We are programmed from birth to listen to what others think about us, to be told what to do when the truth is we have all questions and answers within our selves, and when we learn to trust our intuition (gut feeling) we can grow beyond all recognition of that which we were – Kinetic Shift helps to shift the energy contained from these past experiences leaving only lessons learned without the pain.

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